Tuesday, November 9

the final chapter.

So I have decided to move on. It has been a good run really, and looking back I doubt I would have made it this far without it. Unfortunately, the affair with blogspot has come to an inevitable conclusion, and I have decided to move on to other pastures. Firstly, it became almost impossible to write when a little voice would constantly bug and remind me that everything I wrote could be scrutinized and misinterpreted by unwanted guests. Secondly, well, considering that tumblr has come up with a niftly little app that allows one to write or photoblog on the go, the decision was obviously really.

It seems a tad pompous and self-indulgent to say this, but maybe there might be a small group of you who have visited before to find out what has been happening with this guy's life and the strange place that is his mind poured out into text. Maybe despite being noticeably absent for almost a year, you haven't quite deleted this from memory. And if you're still there, you know how to find me, and I'll give you the tumblr address if you like. I doubt there'll be anyone left, but seems right to do right on the off chance, wouldn't it?

It has been an incredible journey with you guys at edditorials, but we'll meet again someday, down treasured troves and memory lanes. And hopefully, despite the naivety, I'll get to look back on these fondly with a smile.

To everyone who has been part of that journey, thank you.

Signing out,

. arigato .